Get Over Yourself

It is something that I normally have to say to myself ten or twelve times a day:  “Get over yourself!”  I try to allow it to become my prayer of surrender, my ongoing struggle to recognize that I am not the main character in the story.  What follows is something that helps me to sing my prayer.

Get Over Yourself (words and music by Eric Park)

A story’s being told that’s very old

It’s a story that we hear from birth

Fulfilling all our needs (so the story reads)

Is the essence of a walk on earth

But when the story’s all we’re fed a distortion’s bred

Idolatry of human greed

An inflated sense of “me” makes it hard to see

Things I want become the things I need

Chorus: Get over yourself

It’s not about you anyway

Why don’t you look past yourself

To see the panorama in which your life appears

In the climate of our day it’s often been our way

To define ourselves by our desires

Relentless appetite, everything’s alright

If it feeds the inner fires

But the life for which we’re made is of a different shade

It brings us to this point of view

We’re just as much defined by what we leave behind

Sacrifice is nothing new


Before which God will I lay prostrate

At which altar will I kneel

Will I dare to be transformed

Or simply trust the way I feel

Will I recognize the claim on me

Or cater to my whims

Will my song be self-indulgence

Or will I sing the sacred hymns

There’s another story told that’s very old

About a Rock that’s now a Cornerstone

He calls us to depart with a servant’s heart

Into a life in which we’re not our own

So which story will you hold when your days grow old

By which narrative will you be claimed

The story that we live is what we have to give

It’s the legacy by which we’re named



One thought on “Get Over Yourself

  1. This is a beautiful CD. You and Tara are such a wonderful inspiration to all who love you. Your gift of words, whether it be in song, or to a friend who is broken, has been uplifting . How wonderful to be used by God.


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