The Apostles’ Creed, at its best, provides the church with a succinct and memorizable expression of some of its most foundational beliefs.  To put it another way, the Creed identifies several of the theological pillars that have upheld the spiritual architecture of the Christian faith for two-thousand years.

Back in 2004, Tara and our friend Bill Hubauer recorded a song entitled “Creed” that I had written a couple of years earlier.  At the time, we utilized the song in congregational worship for the purpose of helping the congregation to sing its faith.  I share it with you here in the hope that it will usher you more deeply into a reflection on the importance and urgency of what we believe about God and the nature of God’s heart and work.

“Creed” (words and music by Eric Park)

I believe in God the Father

Maker of both heaven and earth

I believe in Jesus Christ

His only Son by virgin birth


Christ was born in humble fashion

Suffered under Pilate’s reign

Crucified, he bled and died

Only death would end his pain


I believe, I believe

I believe

I believe, I believe

I believe


On the third day Christ arose

Sin and death could not withstand

He ascended into heaven

Where he rules at God’s right hand


I believe in the Holy Spirit

And the church that he defends

I believe in the Resurrection

And the life that never ends


I believe, I believe

I believe

I believe, I believe

I believe

In a world that would often deceive

I believe, I believe

I believe



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